Welfare of Stray Dogs leverages Vocal for Local to encourages canine adoption

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Aug 12, 2020 06:35 IST
Welfare of Stray Dogs

Adopt an Indie campaign by Welfare of Stray Dogs urges citizens to adopt stray canines and giving them a comfortable & safe home.

Welfare of Stray Dogs (WSD) has been carrying out mass sterilization programmes for street dogs since 1994, following WHO recommendations on rabies eradication and dog population control. It also conducts on-site first aid and vaccination, and programmes on education and awareness.

WSD pioneered adoptions of Indies in 1995 and was also the first organization in Mumbai to have adoptathons for getting Indies adopted.


Abodh Aras of Welfare of Stray Dogs, says, "The Indie dog is a hardy, loving, good looking, low-maintenance animal that is unfortunately neglected and seen as a "stray". I am glad ‘Another Idea’ came forward to make a film that highlights the pressing need to adopt these wonderful animals."

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Adds Gaurav Gandhi CEO of Another Idea, "When we heard of this need, the team headed by Director of this film Hiten Bhatia and Producer Shuja Rahman were very excited. We are glad that we are playing a part in helping a good cause."

The film would be actively promoted by influencers and animal lovers on social media beginning 11th. August. A digital campaign where pet owners would be encouraged to post pictures of themselves and their Indie dogs would also be launched with the hashtag #ProudRoBeIndiean on 14th. August.


Client : The Welfare of Stray Dogs

Produced by : Another Idea

Directed by : Hiten Bhatia

Head Production: Shuja Rahman

Voiceover Artist : Tanvi Malhotra

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