White Rivers Media launches 101 Marketing Insights for the Post-pandemic World

White Rivers Media

White Rivers Media has launched three assets under its title—101 Marketing Insights for a Post-pandemic World, a free eBook; Better World Initiative, a creative responsibility program to amplify social causes; and its digital showreel for 2020 encapsulating 8 years’ highlights.

These releases by White Rivers Media were a part of the agency’s 8th-anniversary celebrations, themed ‘To Infinite Possibilities’. The intent was to add value to the different stakeholders of the agency, namely patrons, peers, and the public. 

The new publication ‘101 Marketing Insights for a Post-pandemic World’ by Marketers & Entrepreneurs, delves into the industry learnings through the times of COVID. It strings together the collective wisdom of industry’s top-ranking leaders, most influential trendsetters, and key decision-makers who are changing the face of digital marketing in respective ways. 

It leads with three touchpoints: Learnings from a COVID-infected market, leanings into the future marketing strategies, and lessons for all those who are new to digital marketing. It ends with a greater understanding of the post-pandemic consumerism and marketing essentials.

The Better World Initiative is a not-for-profit marketing platform, where the agency’s creative forces bring their skills to the table, and there’s a seat for anyone and any brand that has a story, which the world needs to hear. This initiative is their pledge to be catalysts for better and to use creativity for good. It is established as a mouthpiece for those who help others. It brings together designers, managers, videographers, and writers who believe in marketing for a cause to publish with the sole purpose of helping those in need right now.

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“The pandemic has been our time to learn. Our anniversary, however, presented the perfect opportunity to celebrate those learnings. So here we are, taking a humble initiative to string that knowledge together and impart it to the entire marketing ecosystem. Our compilation of ‘101 Marketing Insights’ is a handbook for marketing in the post-pandemic world with opinions from India’s most recognized and celebrated marketing leaders; we thank each one of them for contributing. However, we are not only focused on catalyzing effective change within the digital ecosystem and prepare it for a new world. We are also ensuring that the new world is a better place for everyone to live in. Our Better World Initiative takes us one step closer to fulfilling the objective,” said the Co-founders Shrenik Gandhi & Mitesh Kothari.

They also launched a showreel, where they have flexed the creative muscle. The snazzy demonstration walks viewers through select application areas and their representative projects, letting them a glimpse of the agency’s 8-year journey.