World Photography Day posts hit us with the best shots

World Photography Day

World Photography Day, the celebration of the art, science, & the history of photography, continues virtually with social media users and brands tapping the medium of expression with creative posts.

Along with being a form of craft and personal expression around the world, photography is also a significant professional medium, and brands capture both sides of the picture this day.

OnePlus India encases how the recent times have witnessed an adaptation in photography which was predominantly an outdoor activity, through shots compiled from OnePlus users.

Canon India conveys a different appeal this year. In 2018, their #WorldPhotographyDay campaign urged viewers to shift their focus from trending challenges to the real-world challenges, this year they ask us to not shift our focus.

Several brands such as Oral-B India and more held photography contests and asked users to share their best snapshots.

OPPO India, Nat Geo Traveller India, and more laud photographers in India, that frame few scenic beauties and document our culture. More brands join the frolics.

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OnePlus India

Canon India


Kotak Mahindra Bank

Oral-B India

OPPO India

Nat Geo Traveller India

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Manforce Condoms

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