Case Study: How Delhi Airport’s Instagram virtual tour campaign garnered 2Lacs+ Organic Reach

Delhi Airport #DELnavigate

In a bid to satiate the wanderlust, Delhi Airport, in partnership with 22feet Tribal Worldwide, launched its #DELnavigate campaign, driving engagement through Instagram.

With COVID-19 putting a halt to the plans of the travelers, Delhi Airport attempted to lift up the spirits of such people through its #DELnavigate campaign, executed on Instagram.

Category Introduction

India has become the third-largest domestic aviation market in the world. It surely has a lot more potential to further expand. Passenger traffic in India stood at 316.51 mn during 2019-2020. Out of which domestic passenger traffic stood at 252.92 mn while international traffic stood at 63.59 mn. India has 464 airports and airstrips, of which 125 are airports. These 125 AAI airports manage close to 78% of domestic passenger traffic and 22% of international passenger traffic.

Brand Introduction

Delhi Airport serves as the major international aviation hub of Delhi as well as India. The marketing objective is to let the viewers engage with the brand in the best ways possible; irrespective of a pandemic.

Also, the airport acts as a central connection between various domestic destinations. It has played a major role during the pandemic with respect to transporting medical supplies, essentials, cargo, and conducting rescue missions. The marketing objective has always been to grow in number and reach and be able to connect with more people. To showcase Delhi Airport not just as a gateway to various getaways but a place full of experiences and diversity.


Throughout the campaign, a virtual tour of domestic destinations through Delhi Airport’s Instagram story highlighted the fact that Delhi Airport is now reconnected to a host of domestic destinations by creating a virtual network of destinations on Instagram. ​This required making of various Instagram pages, interlinking them with one another, and also building a holistic yet organic mode of reach and engagement.

Problem statement/objective

The brand tried to inculcate a new format of engagement with the unexplored reigns of social media where a new pattern of execution was extended. The main objective was to let people engage with an unseen mode of activity that was engulfed within the motif of conversing around the destinations in India leveraging social media.

Creative Idea

The idea was aimed at allowing participants to satisfy their wanderlust by virtually transporting them to popular destinations through their Instagram app. To make them visit beautiful places in India waiting to be explored on their fingertips.


As Delhi Airport was soon to resume its domestic operations, it was important to let people know how safe it is to fly and how worthy it is to not give up to the fear.

Another challenge, in terms of the execution of the campaign, was to create 20+ handles with the required hashtag name, post about 96+ creatives on multiple pages on Instagram within 24 hours of the bracket, and manage organic execution leading to engagement.

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Delhi Airport’s reconnection to a host of domestic destinations was seen through a virtual network of destinations on Instagram. Four-zone accounts – @DELtoNorth, @DELtoEast, @DELtoSouth & @DELtoWest – each connected the users to four more destination accounts.

Further, the accounts were connected via tags through Instagram highlight stories. Users could engage with multiple story highlights that showcased popular picturesque destinations in the country.


The overall activity had a ripple effect on social platforms with the organic viewership increasing by 250% for the brand. Thus, with a strategic approach of digitally encouraging virtual tourism amidst the lockdown, Delhi Airport successfully engaged with their target audience while meeting its objective. Besides creating a buzz on social platforms, it was widely picked up by various other media channels.

  • 2.5Lacs+ Organic Impressions 
  • 2Lacs+ Organic Reach