Case Study: How Mee Mee reached 1.3M+ people through World Breastfeeding Week campaign

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Sep 15, 2020 05:42 IST
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Mee Mee breastfeeding campaign

Creating a narrative around the environmental benefits of breastfeeding, Mee Mee campaign encouraged new mothers to pledge support.

Created by digital agency SoCheers, the Mee Mee World Breastfeeding Week campaign leveraged the network of mommy influencers to disseminate the central message around the benefits of breastfeeding. The campaign focussed on how the act is good for the environment as well.

Brand Introduction

Mee Mee is a baby care and parenting brand launched in 2006 by Me N Moms. It offers products across categories such as skin, oral care, feeding, infant utility accessories, travel, nursery, toys, fashion and maternity. They use digital platforms to build more awareness about the brand and eventually drive sales through their e-commerce website.


Through the years, Mee Mee has celebrated World Breastfeeding Week, striving to support moms to embrace breastfeeding and start conversations around the same. This year, #FromOneMotherToAnother was created to give insight into the environmental impact of breastfeeding. The brand tried to bring moms together to extend their support by taking a pledge to continue to breastfeed for the sustenance and good health of the baby as well as the planet Earth.

Problem Statement/Objective

To combat the lack of awareness about the impact of breastfeeding on the planet and to educate moms about it.

Creative Idea

The intent behind each creative was to strike the right chord and make a difference in how the brand’s audience understands breastfeeding and its many benefits.


To create a difference and educate mothers about the lesser-known benefits of breastfeeding that have an impact on Mother Earth as well.


Mothers, along with Mee Mee, took the pledge to continue breastfeeding for the better health of the baby as well as the Earth. They shared heartfelt images where they posed with their hands over their heart, expressing support towards Mee Mee’s campaign, #FromOneMotherToAnother.

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The team collaborated with mommy Influencers to promote the campaign which increased the reach by many folds. Over 160+ moms took part in the campaign to promote their experience of being a first-time mother and breastfeeding.

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I'm really grateful to @meemeein for the initiative they have taken during World Breastfeeding Week. Breast milk is one of the most important components of baby care. It provides complete nutrition and helps to prevent and fight infections. ... Mothers who breastfeed also enhance their own health. Breastmilk is a living substance. It is unique and irreplaceable, specifically tailored to the changing needs of each baby. It is the first human food par excellence, the best example of how humanity can sustain itself through provision of a complete food for human babies. Breastfeeding also makes economic sense because it is less costly to produce than formula; it also allows society to make considerable savings in health care costs. Its production and consumption is totally natural and renewable so its environment friendly too. So Today, #fromonemothertoanother I pledge to encourage breastfeeding, and would request you all to take this pledge with me to support all the moms in this beautiful journey and to make our planet more safe and healthy with breastfeeding. #meemeeindia . . . . @raising_2_munchkins ? . . . #worldbreastfeedingweek #worldbreastfeedingweek2020 #momsupportingmoms #encouragebreastfeeding #protectenvironment #greenearth #breastmilkisbest #normalizebreastfeeding #mommyof2 #mombloggers #Indianmombloggers #mominfluencer #indianinfluencer #delhimoms #mumbaimoms #uttarakhandblogger #raising_2_munchkins ?

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The campaign was amplified on Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, with insightful long carousel posts, stories, a poem and an empowering pledge. All of which created awareness around the main theme.


The brand saw 99.9% of positive sentiments. Over 160+ moms took part in the campaign. The campaign collectively reached over 1.3M+ people and has garnered over 2.5K+ followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The engagements crossed over 42K+ in the form of likes, comments, shares, story mentions. We also witnessed a massive surge in profile visits for MeeMee, around 1.2M+

"Mee Mee has always strived to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week and spread the importance of breastfeeding and its benefits far and wide and with our campaign this year, we are hoping to make a bigger impact and a difference in the support extended to breastfeeding," said Aneesha Khattar, Marketing Head, Mee Mee. 

Added Rajni Daswani, Director at SoCheers, “Each year, we strive to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week and normalize the conversations around breastfeeding. Through the campaign, #FromOneMotherToAnother, our intent is to get moms to understand how breastfeeding is better for their baby’s health and for the Earth’s, and get them to support Mee Mee by taking a pledge to continue to breastfeed. We are happy to partner with Mee Mee in taking forward this message to mothers at large."

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