Case Study: How Mother Sparsh launched new range with digital campaign

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Mother Sparsh campaign

With #PlantAndPure campaign, Mother Sparsh was able to get a reach of 8 million while launching their Plant Powered range.

To launch their new Plant Powered range, Mother Sparsh collaborated with various mom influencers as well as tapped parenting groups as part of the #PlantAndPure campaign. They also partnered with FirstCry, which gave them a major boost in terms of reach. After the launch of the new range, the brand saw a 15-20% hike in sales.

Category Introduction

According to some studies, the baby care products segment is slated to witness significant growth between 2020 and 2025. Key factors driving this growth include a rise in birth rates and an increase in the number of working women, resulting in dual-income families. Expansion of products under the segment, ranging from toiletries (major share) and personal care to food and beverages has also been instrumental in the segment's growth.

Brand Introduction 

Mother Sparsh offers innovative plant-based, natural and eco-friendly baby care products. The company began its operations by offering eco-friendly water-based baby wipes and has expanded its portfolio to include talc-free dusting powder, turmeric balm, natural sunscreen and more.


The #PlantAndPure campaign revolved around revealing the new Mother Sparsh offerings and triggering brand awareness.

Problem Statement/Objective

To create a campaign to tap onto baby skincare and health segment and launch Plant-Powered Range with products including baby lotion, baby wash, baby face cream, baby diaper rash cream, baby laundry liquid detergent and baby liquid cleanser.


Plant Power campaign needs to emanate the best of brand offerings with a humane touch to the whole campaign.


Reaching out to the right target audiences was one of the biggest challenges as every brand is vying for the mind share of the same target audience on digital. The team had to develop the right communication roadmap and create enough buzz according to it, ensuring maximum eyeballs and engagement for the new products.

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In a phase-wise manner, the Plant-Powered product range was launched and promoted online. The brand partnered with several Instagram influencers, Facebook group communities and FirstCry Parenting to maximise the campaign's reach.

Mom influencers including Yashi, Shrima Rai, Nisha Rawal, Charu Sareen, Saru Mukherjee Sharma, Deepali Soam and several others were roped in by the brand to talk about the products and their usage.

They were selected on the basis of their follower count, reach among parents and genuineness in content.

The brand ran activities in partnership with FirstCry as well as displayed banners on their website. They also went ahead with contests for moms wherein they were awarded gift hampers.


The total reach of the campaign was 8 million. FirstCry parenting activities and banner helped them garner approximately 4.5 million reach and about 30K clicks/engagement.

"After the launch of the campaign, we saw a higher engagement than usual and the number of queries on e-commerce partner platforms also went up. With the launch of these new products in a high-potential category, sales have also gone up by 15-20%. The detergent and baby wash products have shown significant sales numbers throughout our sales channel partners," said Rishu Gandhi, Head Brand Strategy and Founder, Mother Sparsh.

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