Case Study: How TCSW10K campaign helped people dedicate heartbeats to COVID-19 heroes

TCSW10K campaign

Nudging people to run high on adrenaline despite being at home, TCSW10K Bengaluru created a campaign, #HopeRunsWithin.

The #HopeRunsWithin campaign was run by TCSW10K between May 12 and 17. The activity was also linked to monetary contributions by the participants in favour of organisations working on the ground, the link to which was live till May 31, 2020. A large part of the campaign was to bring out the hope in people, to show how people are doing their bit to keep fit, be active and at the same time, do something for their heroes.

Category Introduction

Over the last 15 years, the number of races in India has increased from merely 2 to 1.5K. Reportedly, out of 90 Million health conscious affluent urban Indians, 7 million of which are ‘motivated movers’ with the motive to remain healthy and prevent diseases by being part of group exercises, running & social activities to remain fit. 250K runners are on-boarded every year. 

Brand Introduction 

Over the past 13 years, Bengaluru has played host to the TCS World 10K Race. It also holds the distinction of being the only World Athletics Road Race Gold Label 10K in Asia and amongst only 5 WA Road Race Gold Label 10Ks in the world. This sporting event has also established itself as a philanthropy platform with over INR 45 Cr raised, benefiting 100+ NGOs. 


With the pandemic starting to make its presence felt across the country, on the third Sunday of May, the streets in Bangalore were empty. Thus, TCSW10K community came together with #HopeRunsWithin campaign to acknowledge and show gratitude to COVID-19 heroes running a very significant race for mankind.

Problem Statement/Objective

To help the TCSW10K community (runners, partners, associates, sportspersons, influencers) show support and stand in support of the heroes fighting the COVID-19 pandemic at the frontline. 


To capture the magic, relevance and spirit of TCSW10K in a campaign that nudges the community to take up a challenge of their choice and dedicate their heartbeats to the COVID-19 heroes, each minute of a workout adding up to 120 heartbeats.

Creative Idea

To help the TCSW10K community come together and say with pride, “Our heart beats for our heroes.”


None whatsoever. The lockdown did not restrict the creative process or participation in the campaign. Participants in the launch video recorded and shared their content online. The same was strung together by Sportz Interactive, the organisation’s digital agency. The same team also designed and executed the campaign creatives for #HopeRunsWithin. Participants recorded their participation and shared the same digitally. The digital team collated a daily count of heartbeats.


A launch creative was posted across all platforms on May 12, capturing the spirit of “Hope Runs Within” and voiced by Gautam Bhimani, the video drew parallels between the difficult times we’re in with the challenges faced while running a race. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube were used to execute the campaign.

Heartbeats for Heroes: CTA posts wherein people were educated about the mechanisms of how every minute of their workout can contribute to dedicating heartbeats for the COVID-19 heroes, urging them to participate.

Heartbeats for heroes montage videos: To encourage more participation and to showcase people’s efforts, appreciation videos were created from the posts of the participants.

Race week regime: To get people to relive the race week feeling and build up the nostalgia, 4 challenges were posted. People were asked to share images and the digital team reciprocated by constant interaction with these posts.

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Live workout with Girish Bindra: Through a Live workout session with the ASICS Running Club head coach Girish Bindra, the organisation was able to witness an increase in participation and hike in the number of heartbeats.

Pride Cook-in: Every year during race week, TCSW10K organizes a pasta cook-out as a fun carb-loading and cooking session with runners. This year, people were asked to share their dishes and recipes while having a fun cooking activity at their respective homes.

Wishtree Initiative: Through the week the #HopeRunsWithin Wishtree, hosted by the race charity partner, India Cares, was promoted digitally. Through this initiative, people were encouraged to head to the website and donate to the causes (Wish Boxes) listed to help and support those impacted by COVID-19.

Indoor 5K on Race Day: On May 17, what would have been the race day, people were asked to participate in an indoor 5K challenge, to dedicate their heartbeats to the heroes one final time. This final push saw a sharp increase in participation.

5 Million heartbeats video: A conclusion video was shared, capturing the week and the sentiments witnessed during the execution of the campaign, #HopeRunsWithin.


People from across India and internationally, from locations such as Germany and Michigan participated in the campaign. It saw society influencers like Rahul Bose, Arjuna Awardee Nisha Millet and Tara Sharma, joining in, to dedicate their heartbeats.

  • Heartbeats: 5.1M
  • Workout Minutes: 42,940
  • Impressions: 857K
  • Reach: 677K
  • Engagement: 25.1K
  • Video views: 231K
  • Web Pageviews: 2.3K

Running groups such as Runxtreme, Running Roadies and Pacemakers promoted the campaign by promoting the initiative and encouraging group workouts on Zoom calls that helped raise a lot of heartbeats. The campaign received support from India Running, the online partner helping connect the running community to the #HopeRunsWithin campaign.

“From its very beginning, the TCS World 10K has been a platform that has brought together people who have become symbols of hope. Now more than ever, our medical personnel, first responders, police, sanitation workers and all those who put their lives on the line for us every day have shown how to overcome any challenge that stands in our way. The campaign galvanised the entire running community and showcased the power of #HopeRunsWithin,” said Neerja Dhillon, Brand Head, Procam International.