COVID-19: A glance through lockdown and pandemic campaigns from Africa

Africa Campaigns

The indigenous Campaigns from Africa features new ways of communicating precautionary measures, traditional experiences turning virtual, and a lot more.

While the continent of Africa has more than fifty countries, the majority of campaigns come in from a handful of regions; most come from from South Africa, followed by Egypt.

Some dominating themes tapped remain the same as universal, although the formats of communication are novel, and more brands keep their communication concise with a shorter duration.

Burger King & Saatchi & Saatchi (South Africa) understand the annoyance of watching drool-worthy food cracking hunger pangs during this time, and created a bumper ad that fixes it, along with conveying the standard of quality their burger.

Johannesburg-based agency Stratitude creates a series of short-format ads that transform widely-used acronym slangs into precautionary advisories for the open brief campaign led by UN.

With all events turning virtual this year, Vhorus Egypt launched a virtual reality experience for visiting the Holy Makkah through a campaign by BSocial, giving a glimpse of how people can continue their religious practices from home.

Nissan Egypt conveys how automobile enthusiasts can continue their shopping experience with ‘[email protected]’.

The one advert that stood out in the African continent, was Roadblock, by the insurance company King Price.

Thee advert which revolves around the present day scenario and COVID-19 symptoms, was both heavily criticized and lauded for its humorous nature, but you can decide for yourself.

Though it surely differentiates itself from the serious communications brands are putting out, not just in Africa but around the globe.

More brand campaigns change their theme to novel concepts.

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Roadblock – King Price

Nurse Eagen – Assupol Life

Lockdown Whopper – Burger King South Africa

The New Norm – UN (#CovidOpenBrief)

Stay Home, South Africa. And Stay Safe – Toyota South Africa

[email protected] – Nissan Egypt

Experience Makkah – Vhorus Egypt

Don’t Take The Road – Dunlop Tyres SA

If we have missed out on any of your favorite campaigns from Africa themed around the pandemic, write to us at [email protected] or let us know in the comments below.