Data backed Tips to create engaging video ads on Twitter

Twitter video ads

The best creative practices for video ads on Twitter are based on statistics that share what holds the audience’s attention and makes them a prospect.

The statistics are compiled from a study by Twitter and GroupM that forms the best practices for video ads.

These practices will help brands and agencies tap the potential of video campaigns effectively.

Consumers globally are spending 86% more time consuming digital video than in 2016. Twitter has seen a 62% year-over-year increase in daily video views and a 72% year-over-year increase in watch time.

Short & Tweet

  • When a message is conveyed in the first 3 seconds of a video ad, there’s a 13% increase in overall breakthrough metrics
  • Videos should also be kept at or under 15 seconds to maximize branding impact
  • Overall breakthrough is 5% higher for videos with concise Tweet copy

With the decreasing attention span & patience of the audience, it is important for all advertisers to keep their communication concise.

The first five seconds of the video is the make or break period, if you are not able to hold the viewer, you may lose a consumer. The overall length of the video needs to be crisp, packed with information, and engaging.

The same goes for the length of the copy, too long is too wrong. Avoid repetition of what the user will see in the video. The copy should act as an introduction to the video, not the description, and it should make the viewer want to watch the video or include a CTA.

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Products & People

  • When a video starts on a product, there’s a 24%* increase in positive interest and 34%* increase in click intent
  • When videos show a positive human interaction or human desire for a product, there’s a 40% increase in overall response
  • Displaying the brand for more than half of the video resulted in a 25% increase in aided brand recall and a 21% increase in message recall

This is where storytelling and product integration meet. The story should be a believable depiction of what the product can do. Consumers love to see the human side of the brand. When they see it, it leaves them with a memory of the product, consequently increasing brand recall.

Vitalize Visuals

  • When videos contain clear logo placement, there is a 30%** increase in unaided brand recall
  • Incorporate a sound-off strategy to capture on-the-go mobile viewers, and use captions to drive a 28% longer view time

Unless your brand has a mascot, the brand’s logo is the unchanging face of the brand (unless rebranded). To make consumers remember your brand, you need to make them remember the logo.

Silent-viewing is becoming a common practice amongst social media users. A high percentage of videos are viewed with the sound off as silent autoplay is the default. For that reason, one should include subtitles in all video campaigns.