Facebook launches Campus for college students

Paawan Sunam
Sep 11, 2020 08:30 IST
New Update
Facebook Campus

Facebook Campus is a new section on the Facebook app, a college-only space for students to connect with classmates and embrace their college community.

Facebook Campus would have a campus-only News Feed, with more features such as a campus directory. It intends to bring students together over topics such as shared interests, sports, forming study groups, and more.

The section is in the initial phase of its roll-out to few colleges in the US, such as California Institute of Technology, Florida International University, and more.

Content shared on Campus can only be seen by users within the Campus. Students can also explore Groups and Events from their Campus.

Students would need to create a Campus Profile, which would be different from their main profile. College email and graduation year is mandatory information needed to create a Campus Profile, along with optional information such as major, classes, hometown, and minor.

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Campus-only News Feed

The college-specific feed will show updates from classmates, groups, and events. Students can also create groups, and plan virtual events.

Campus Directory

Students can find classmates by class, major, year, and more, with the directory designed to find classmates.

Campus Chats

Users can create real-time chat rooms for their dorm, clubs, or groups they’re a part of within Campus.

Furthermore, Facebook is also launching a digital program called 'Get Digital', presently available in ten languages. The program is a hub of resources for schools and families to build digital literacy among students. The resources can be used by educators and families, at home or in classrooms.

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