Facebook releases Pro Tips Guide for Creators

Social Samosa
Sep 22, 2020 04:15 IST
Facebook Guide

Divided into two parts, the Facebook Pro Tips Guide for Creators focusses on tips around maximising content library and building a community.

As the number of creators on social media platforms continue to rise, especially due to the lockdown, the need to ensure quality in content production and distribution has also gone up. This has given rise to discussions around how to best use the available tools and what's the way ahead for video content. To help creators make the most of it all, Facebook has released a 14-page Pro Tips Guide for Creators.

The guide has been divided into two parts. The first part concentrates on tips on going Live, bulk uploading the back catalogue, organising thematic content with playlists and series, creating and joining challenges and highlighting stories. These tips are meant to help creators maintain production and maximise their content library.

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The second part of the guide revolves around tips on how to engage fans and build a community. Sub-topics include going Live, connecting with people via Facebook Groups, hosting a Watch Party, adding a Poll to videos, getting active in Comments and to use Stickers in Stories.

You can access the entire guide here:

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