Facebook removes less than 20 percent text rule for ads

Facebook 20 text

Facebook is getting rid of less than 20 percent text on ads guideline, and will no longer penalize ads with a higher amount of image text in auctions and delivery.

The change has gradually begun rolling out. The content of the text on the image still needs to comply with Facebook ad policies, but it can be more than 20 percent in ads.

This is a major update for advertisers, for creative reasons and in terms of logistics too. Any ad is produced with a creative-first approach, on several occasions, the guidelines would hinder the creative process.

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Although, despite the change, advertisers are still advised to not keep the image ads too text-heavy. Facebook has also found, images with less than 20% text perform better.

Body Text (Caption) is where advertisers can include necessary details. Image Text, any text on the image or video thumbnail should be reduced to a minimum as necessary with fewer words or smaller fonts that are readable.

Keeping the text clear and concise improves the packaging of an ad, and makes it look cleaner. Text-heavy ads may not be thumb-stopping during a scroll through the feed.

A balanced image ad with CTA or specific attention-grabbing keywords can lead to the desired result since the amount of text will no longer affect the ad’s distribution.


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