Facebook tests making news subscriptions easier

Facebook news subscriptions

A new tool will allow users to link their Facebook accounts to news subscriptions, making consumption easier without repeated sign-ins.

Facebook has built a new account tool that would help people better access content from publishers they subscribe to. The platform is currently collaborating with publishers to test the new product, which will allow users to link their news subscription accounts to Facebook.

The new tool will help linked subscribers to access articles on Facebook without meeting paywalls or being asked to sign-in repeatedly. Linked accounts will see more stories from the publishers they subscribe to.

The goal is to help publishers deepen their relationship with subscribers and provide them with consumption experience. Facebook plans to build on in-depth storytelling options for publishers who choose to partner with them for this tool.

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“Publishers in all world regions are building sustainable, enduring relationships with loyal readers,” said David Grant, program manager for the Facebook Journalism Project’s Accelerator program.

“Through account linking, we hope that Facebook can be a powerful extension of those efforts, helping news organizations drive deeper subscriber engagement and bring more paying readers to their high-quality journalism, which is the foundation of keeping communities informed and connected,” he added.

Further, Facebook is working to add more partners to the testing phase as well as actively working to measure subscriber retention driven by account linking. They are also testing new places for subscribers to link their accounts within the app, such as within Facebook news.