Infographic: Tips for providing efficient social media customer service

social customer service

This infographic will help you build a social media customer service strategy to streamline resolving issues and retaining consumers, converting them into brand loyalists in the long run.

Social media has always been a channel for providing customer service in the pre-pandemic times too, but with the restrictions imposed, reduced workforce, and more factors, the customer service support industry has been impacted.

In present times, providing customer support through social media has become more important than before.

Moreover, a consumer finds it easier to just open a social media app and type a complaint on a brand page, than wait for an executive to answer, only to get transferred through several departments, before their issue is resolved (or not).

Along with resolving issues, social media platforms can also help in converting buyer interest into a purchase by providing assistance and answering queries.

Having a Social CRM strategy is as important as having a social media presence. Along with having a dedicated team to cater to the set of consumers follow these steps outlined by CallCenterHosting to strategize your customer support.

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infographic customer service