LinkedIn adds new specialties to Marketing Partner Program

LinkedIn Marketing

The LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program that offers solutions to market a business on the platform via LinkedIn Partners, have now added more focus areas and improved specialties.

Under the broad areas of planning, execution, and management with technology-enabled partners operating as a community to create consumer value, the new and improved focus areas of the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program are:

Page Management

To help brands and businesses deal with the management of social channels with reduced resources, Partners for page management aid them with an efficient publishing strategy to maintain communications frequency.


Narratives, white papers, videos, individual posts, and more will be provided by experts at a preferred rate as a benefit of the partnership.


The partner’s data and the brand’s data are brought together into Campaign Manager to improve the extent of LinkedIn targeting options and practice productive targeting.

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Campaign Management

Partners for campaign management would help businesses increase returns and enlarge their scale of communications. Functionalities such as cross-channel management, rule-based management, and ABM, are offered by self-service partners.

Lead Generation

Partners for lead generation will route leads to the platform of the brand’s choice, employing a faster and simpler method for managing leads.

Reporting & ROI

Partners for reporting & ROI provide an overview of campaign performance data and visualize return on investment, with a comprehensive approach including all or nearly all factors.


Partners for insights will share understanding and data for building campaigns and content for optimized results.

Brands and businesses that have ample funds but not the expertise to plan, execute, manage, or report campaigns can opt for the program, as the partners are verified by LinkedIn and multiple partnerships can streamline end to end operations.

Salesforce, Oracle, Story Jungle, and Microsoft Dynamics, are a few of the partners on board across specialties in India, you can select the country you are based in, specialty required, and preferred service type to select the right partner. Get started here.


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