LinkedIn Pages get new tabs for Company, Events & View Followers

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LinkedIn Pages new tabs

The new tabs on LinkedIn Pages are being introduced by the platform to help organisations stay connected to their employees and communities.

LinkedIn is adding three tabs to LinkedIn Pages: My Company, Events, View Page Followers. These are being added to help organisations connect with their employees, highlight upcoming events and gain insights about their brand's followers.

My Company tab for employees


With the My Company tab, LinkedIn hopes to help organisations celebrate key accomplishments and increase engagement within the employee communities. The tab will be available only to organisations that have more than 201 employees. It will be an employee-only space.

It will include features such as employee milestones to celebrate promotions, anniversaries and new hires. It will also surface trending content from coworkers and recommendations to connect others at the organisation. Further, LinkedIn is planning to add the ability to curate unique content, broadcast content to employees and measure its reach.

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Events tab for audiences


The Events tab is meant to showcase the organisation's upcoming events to drive viewership and engagement with target audiences. It will pull in a view all the past, present and upcoming events of the organisation that have been listed on LinkedIn. It will appear on the left-hand navigation of the brand's page, making them accessible to followers and visitors.

View Page Followers tab for Admins


Earlier, Page Admis could only see an aggregate number of followers and general demographics data about them. There was no tool to help them get insights to understand and grow their follower base. With the new View Page Followers tab, Page Admins will be able to see individual members who are following their page. This is expected to help with transparency and better communication over the platform.

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