Facebook Messenger introduces forwarding limits

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Messenger forwarding limit

Messenger users will be able to forward a message to only five persons or groups at a time, much like the forwarding limits on WhatsApp.

As a means to slow the spread of viral misinformation, Messenger has introduced forwarding limits. Now, users will be able to only forward a message to about five persons or groups at a time. The feature comes ahead of the US Elections. It is also a relevant update amidst the misinformation around the global pandemic that is raging across the world.

"We feel this is an important step to ensure people who use Messenger are kept safe from online harm. This feature is currently available in several countries and will eventually be available to all users globally starting September 24," Facebook's EMEA tech comms manager Alexandru Voica

Today, @Messenger is announcing message forwarding limits, a new feature designed to protect people from viral misinfo and harmful content.

With forwarding limits, a sender will be able to forward a message to up to five people or groups at a time:

— Alexandru Voica ? (@alexvoica) September 3, 2020 target="_blank">wrote on Twitter.

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According to Facebook, limiting forwarding is an effective way to slow the spread of viral misinformation and harmful content that has the potential to cause real-world harm.

Earlier, Facebook had introduced features such as safety notifications, two-factor authentication, and easier ways to block and report unwanted messages. These are attempts by the global media giant to make it safer for people to safely access the online world.

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