Milk Bikis' launches long format campaign for Tamil Nadu market

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Sep 17, 2020 04:25 IST
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Milk Bikis & You campaign

Milk Bikis & You, the recent brand campaign celebrates the brand's association with Tamil Nadu for over 4 decades depicted through 'Semiya and Bonda' & their unbreakable bond of childhood friendship.

Milk Bikis has launched a campaign to celebrate the special bond and friendship it shares with Tamil Nadu, for over 40 years. The film depicts the everlasting nature of early childhood friendships which are all-embracing and comforting, one wherein you can be yourself…without filters.

The film traverses the journey of 2 friends who call each other Semiya and Bonda, as they strike a friendship in early childhood over Milk Bikis, grow up and apart and eventually, reconnect over their favorite biscuit after decades, starting from where they had left off.

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Talking about the campaign, Vinay Subramanyam, VP, Marketing, Britannia Industries said, “Childhood friendships, growing up in the magic era of the 80s and 90s, the innumerable moments of friendship, the fun times in school and home, the sharing of secrets and the shared rituals that symbolized the friendships that were cultivated. Britannia Milk Bikis is privileged to have been a part of many of these over the last 40 years. The brand, therefore, shares a special friendship that spans over 40 years with Tamil Nadu. Through this campaign, we are not only celebrating decades of love that our consumers have given to us but also paying homage to that unbreakable bond of friendship that we share with them.”

“This film captures the magic of countless childhood friendships that Britannia Milk Bikis has cemented over the years as the brand celebrates its 40+ years bond with the State”, said Bala Manian, CEO, OPN Advertising.

Britannia Credits:

  • Brand: Britannia Milk Bikis
  • VP, Marketing: Vinay Subramanyam
  • Category Manager: Siddharth Gupta
  • Group Product Manager: Ankit Tiwari
  • Product Manager: Kunal Venkatraman
  • Campaign Credits:
  • Creative Agency: OPN Advertising Pvt Ltd
  • Chief Creative Officer: Chockalingam S
  • Chief Executive Officer: Bala Manian
  • Production house: Still Water Films 
  • Director: Jerald Packiasamy
  • Executive Producer: Preeti Machat
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