New Wix campaign addresses ad frequency criticism

Wix ad

Taking cues from a curated list of negative comments they have received on YouTube, Wix came up with a new ad in response.

Website building brand Wix has launched a new campaign, the narrative of which is built around real comments that people had left about them online. The complaints were primarily about the high frequency of such ads on YouTube and mention things people would rather do than watch another Wix ad.

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The ad video was created in-house and features several Wix employees. It highlights how people would rather catch their parents making love, get a pedicure from a parrot, climb Mount Everest in their flippers or fall asleep in a tanning bed overnight than watch another Wix ad.

It then turns each of these situations into a business idea that can be supported with the help of a website, where of course, Wix can help. The brand has also created a microsite to support the campaign, with each instance leading potential users to get started.

On the site, they have highlighted additional comments, each being used to promote a specific feature such as Wix Bookings (set up classes son how to eat a hot dog with chopsticks) and selling things online (to sell a brush with which one can clean their house).