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Pinterest shopping

The shopping features being tested by Pinterest include labels such as 'Best Seller', 'Popular', product ratings, and more.

Pinterest aims to make the experience more user-friendly and easier to find relevant products from merchants, with the new shopping features.

A Pinterest spokesperson told Search Engine Journal that this is their attempt to make shopping easier for Pinners who come to the platform to look for inspiration on what to buy.


Pinterest is testing labels such as 'Popular' & 'Best Seller' on product images on Shop. The labels have similar functionality as the ones usually seen on e-commerce apps, they point to frequently brought products and are a testimonial to the products' quality.

It also makes it easier for buyers to choose, as they can differentiate between products within their price range, prompting higher chances of a purchase.

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Product Ratings & Shipping Information

Product Ratings is another attempt to providing more information on the quality of the product. The ratings will be pulled from the retailer websites.

Shipping information will also appear below the ratings in a Product Pin.

Pinterest shopping

Shopping Recommendations

Shopping Spotlights, the tab with curated recommendations is being updated with elaborate descriptions, articles, and stories from publishers and more.

Pinterest shopping

Social media platforms are steadily incorporating e-commerce functionalities into the platforms. Facebook & Instagram Shops recently received major updates, the most prominent of them being Checkout On Instagram.

Presently, consumers discover products on social media platforms and then purchase them on e-commerce apps, we may observe a gradual shift of discovery and purchase on social media, although it may be a while before that happens.

In any case, physical shops and traditional retailing is endangered with several precautionary and containment measures in place and the rise of e-commerce.

Screenshots Source: Search Engine Journal

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