Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. Netflix, Mountain Dew, & more

Here’s to another week of some impressive work from brands and agencies all over the world. Check out the social media campaigns that were rolled out this week.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features Netflix launching ‘Just A Story Away’ campaign to highlight the power of storytelling, Suicide Prevention Campaigns, offering a helping hand year after year, Celebrity Brands, and more.


Netflix launches ‘Just A Story Away’ campaign to highlight the power of storytelling

Stories are powerful. The series and films we watch bring out all sorts of different emotions, give us perspectives we’ve never seen before and even make us feel closer to each other. Netflix India’s latest campaign is led by the above insight. Read more here.

HT releases First Voice, Last Word ft. Aranya Johar

HT Media Group got Aranya Johar on board to perform a spoken-word piece as a part of their relaunch and new brand positioning campaign for Hindustan Times. Read more here.

Long Reads

Celebrity Brands: Sonakshi Sinha- an ‘ASLI’ social media strategy…

Celebrity Brands this week, takes a look at the Sonakshi Sinha social media strategy, understanding what makes her social footprint Dabangg. Read more here.

Inside: Hostages Season 2 marketing strategy around thrill & suspense

As Hostages Season 2 released on Disney+Hotstar this week, we take a look at its marketing strategy that attempts to leverage its central theme of thrill & suspense to generate conversations across social media platforms through influencers & more. Read more here.

Inside: Mountain Dew’s multi-brand anthem based campaign

In a bid to celebrate the resilient spirit of India amidst the ongoing pandemic, Mountain Dew collaborated with other brands to launch its new anthem leveraging core value of #DarrKeAageJeetHai. The agency-brand duo take us behind-the-scenes. Read more here.

Infinity Organic: Brand storytelling lessons from Nagaland

Shots of products and farming processes help Infinity Organic, a Nagaland based brand, share their story, we take a look at their social media strategy. Read more here.

15 Must Read Brand Sagas: Blast from the Past

This week, we enlist for you a catalogue of fifteen brand journeys that are ‘not-to-be-missed’ and are definitely not a ‘one-time-read’ but worth of diving into many more times. Read more here.

Topicals & Trends

Teachers’ Day 2020: Pandemic makes way for gratitude-filled brand campaigns

Social media brand campaigns and creatives around Teachers’ Day 2020 reflect the need to thank all those who taught us something as we braved the various stages of the lockdown. Read more here.

World Suicide Prevention Day posts enlighten us about the dark world

Several drown in the pool of depression every year, but the World Suicide Prevention Day posts apprise us about how this leading cause of death can be curbed. Read more here.

Suicide Prevention Campaigns that are offering a helping hand year after year

Every 40 seconds someone dies by suicide globally, according to WHO, and many more attempts are made. These global campaigns intend to prioritize suicide prevention as a public health issue. Read more here.

Global Samosa

COVID-19: Campaigns from Australia & New Zealand that advocated positivity through the lockdown

Making way across campaigns from Australia & New Zealand themed around COVID-19 and the lockdown that remain affirmative through the unpleasant times. Read more here.

COVID-19: Lockdown campaigns from Canada like its citizens spread good vibes

It’s going to be a while before we take a train ride through the Rockies or drive from coast to coast, so we hike through Canada to set up camp that gives the best view of the COVID-19 and lockdown campaigns. Read more here.

Virgin Media campaign celebrates various hues of romance under pandemic

Created by adam&everywhereDDB, Stay in love, stay connected is the third campaign released by Virgin Media to depict life under lockdown. Read more here.

Music, Meet Podcasts: Spotify launches new Global campaign

Spotify has launched a global campaign in 23 markets to push their podcast offerings and inspire users to leverage the power of audio. Read more here.

Helsinki Pride: When the Burger King mascot kissed Ronald McDonald

For their Helsinki Pride campaign, Burger King has tried yet again to take the camaraderie route with McDonald’s in picture, to portray how love conquers all. Read more here.