Twitter adds more context to Trends with representative tweets

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Twitter trends context

The team at Twitter will now pin curated tweets to trends, helping people get a context of the trending conversation at first glimpse.

According to Twitter, the question, "Why is this trending?" was tweeted over half a million times over the last year. In order to make it possible for what's being said to be understood immediately, Twitter has been trying to add context to trending conversations using labels and creating Moments. Now, Twitter is adding representative tweets and descriptions to Trends to help explain the context of why something is trending.

"A combination of algorithms and our curation team determine if a Tweet represents a trend by evaluating if the Tweet is very reflective of the trend and popular. Our algorithms are designed to identify representative Tweets that aren’t potentially abusive, spam, or posted by accounts trying to take advantage of our system," says Twitter explaining the selection process.

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Currently, the representative tweets can be found while scrolling through Twitter on iOS and Android apps. The feature will soon be made available on the desktop version of the platform. In the next few weeks, they also plan to add brief descriptions to some of the trends to add context to them.

Representative Tweets and descriptions on trends will be available in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, France, India, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

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