YouTube India app rejigged, gets a create icon

Social Samosa
Sep 04, 2020 06:57 IST
YouTube India create icon

YouTube app users in India will now be able to see a create icon in the bottom navigation bar, notification icon has been moved up.

With a focus on nudging users to create more content on YouTube, the video giant has added a prominently visible create icon to the app. The Subscription and Notifications icons have been moved. There will be no change in the functionality of any of these features.

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By playing the '+' icon in the middle of the bottom navigation bar YouTube hopes to make it easier for users to put up videos online. "You’ll notice the Subscriptions and Notifications icons have moved, but the functionality remains exactly the same," the platform adds.

The changes in the YouTube India app interface are currently being rolled out for Android users and would be later made available to iOS users in India and eventually to platform users across the globe.

Interestingly, the update comes around the same time as Instagram adding a separate tab for users to access Reels, making it easier for them to view and engage with the snackable 15-second vertical videos on the platform. They are essentially pushing for more creation as well as consumption on these platforms, especially when it comes to short, visual formats.

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