YouTube releases new tools to help advertisers drive results at scale

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With expanded reach planning solutions and advanced contextual targeting, YouTube hopes to help advertisers reach customers in the right contexts.

YouTube is a key platform for advertisers trying to reach audiences with audio-visual content. Here, they can create stories and build relevance to attract potential customers. Reaching the right audiences within the right contexts is key to the process. To this extent, YouTube is expanding and upgrading tools that are available to marketers for planning their display and video campaigns online.

Expanding tools

Reaching people within the right context helps reduce wastage and save on spends. To help marketers better plan campaigns, YouTube is expanding TV data in Reach Planner to more counties such as France, Spain and Vietnam. The tool can be used to input TV campaign reach, frequency, TRPs and budget data to and compares the estimated unique reach of a media plan that incorporates both YouTube and TV.

The platform is also enabling reach planning capabilities, integrating efforts across video, auction and programmatic deals. This is expected to help marketers who are planning a campaign that includes YouTube as well as other online video partners.

Within right contexts

The media giant has further announced YouTube dynamic lineups, which will be powered by advanced contextual targeting. The tool uses Google's machine learning to better understand each channel on the platform. This includes analysis of video imagery, sound, speech and text.

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Lineups are packages of channels based on a topic, cultural moment or popularity. The new tool will help marketers to create lineups that are scalable across content niches. It will be fully available by the end of September in ten markets, including India.

New Awareness Collection

To help brands and marketers plan better campaigns and get inspired, YouTube is collating resources on their Advertising Solutions Center. Here, one can find success stories and case studies on trends driving YouTube viewership and learn about the platform's newest product innovations.

The objective of the content is to drive awareness around how brands can achieve their goals from YouTube campaigns. These efforts are based on the insight that efficient reach and relevant ad experiences are important not just in the context of raising brand awareness but also business results.

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