Agency feature: Logicloop


How do we define Logic Loop?

Logicloop is a digital solutions company, which took roots from a small study room at home where the founders, Harish Patel, Nirav Gosalia and Mayank Vora met post their office hours.

Founded in 2017, Logicloop aims to transform the global digital marketing industry by introducing a data and technology-driven approach.

The founders had their first entrepreneurial tryst with realty in 2008, a digital transformative platform for Realtors and Builders. Post scaling operations to 8 cities across India with a robust team of 250 employees, they hived off the business to

What’s in the name? 

Since our aim is to transform the digital marketing industry by introducing a data and technology-driven approach, the name had to resonate with this aspect.

Logicloop, we believe showcases that we are a bunch of logical minds and believe in getting into an infinite loop with our clients optimizing our client’s ROI and ROC in every iteration.

What do we do and is an offshoot of Logicloop Ventures.

Logicloop Digital Marketing helps brands maximize business potential and achieve high ROI by combining creativity and data-driven strategies. Our value propositions help Recharge Your Sales Pipeline, Implement Marketing Automation, Optimize Conversions & Deliver Unparalleled Performance. 

The Technology Division, powered by deep technical understanding specializes in state of the art and diverse technology stacks. We have the expertise and experience in Mobile Application development, Web Apps and APIs, Website development, big data, and Dev Ops.

Why we do it? 

The legacy of our stint with corporates, our past entrepreneurial journey, and the ability to evaluate analyses and service any client from the founder’s perspective makes us the right choice for the digital transformation of any organization.

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How we evolve? 

Constant learning is the key. Our focus is built around customer delight and our tech-driven platform is centered around this and will continue to innovate and built on this. We never claim we know it all!

Social responsibility in social media 

Being honest, transparent, loyal, and straightforward in the position you take on social media is critical. 

Need of the hour 

Building a loyal fan base on social media, having a robust digital and content strategy with the right mix of brand and RoI buckets. 

We learned the hard way 

Constant innovation, value addition, and saving money for our clients is the only way to survive. Unless one strives to have a long-term relationship with their clients, this business is not worth doing. 

Did we just share that? 

A Tweet that got a Re-tweet from PM Narendra Modi. But due to a platform glitch, our brands handle & core video link was not clickable. 

They work with us 

100+ National and International brands have trusted Logicloop to achieve faster digital growth. Brands like Saregama Ltd, Aditya Birla Insurance Brokers Ltd, Future Generali, Mswipe technologies, WeSchool, First Response Healthcare, Dr. Batra’s, Yardi Systems are a few of our existing clients. We intend to build on this and add more in the upcoming quarters.

Industry as we foresee 

The industry is set to transform the way brands interact with their clients. It’s going to become the shopping destination for end-users. Platforms that can do the best content curation for the end-user are going to survive and thrive. 

A day without Internet 

We don’t think it’s going to be ever feasible as the internet is so central to all our lives. It has gained greater relevance and importance during these trying Covid times. It’s going to be truly a day off from work!

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are always looking for creative minds and professionals who want to make a difference. People who have this burning desire can send us your resume@