New global Alexa campaign highlights features with a touch of humor

Alexa Campaign

Directed by Andreas Nilsson, the campaign presents use-case scenarios and the personalisation possibilities that Amazon Alexa offers its users.

In a new global campaign created by Droga5 for Amazon Alexa, two videos have been released with a focus on everyday use-case scenarios. The storylines are quirky, depicting the ease of use that comes with voice commands — and how annoying it would be if the user was directly interacting with the artists featured in the content.

While one of the videos takes a look at how the characters must feel if they had to enact the scenes again and again, as per the replay command, the other focuses on the conversations one has in their head (or with Alexa) while selecting a song to listen to.

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Talking about the campaign, David Kolbusz, Chief Creative Officer, Droga5 said, “It was exciting to bring to life a campaign that reflected the warts-and-all way that people interact with their devices, such as missing movie scenes while trying to iron creases into those khakis.”

“The global work targets the millions of folks who haven’t experienced voice technology, demonstrating that your wish is Alexa’s command, and there aren’t many that she cannot fulfil. It’s like your own personal genie in a box,” added Droga5 Executive Creative Director Shelley Smoler.