Inside: Fundamentals of creating a YouTube Search campaign through Angel Broking’s lens

Angel Broking YouTube

Created in association with iProspect India, the campaign was an attempt to capture valuable search intent on YouTube for Angel Broking.

YouTube and video tutorials are a useful tool for BFSI sector brands to talk at length about their offerings and explain their worth to prospective clients. On the consumer end, the platform is arguably a go-to for explanatory content about the buzzwords around finance and banking. In such a scenario, the YouTube Search Ad campaign run by Angel Broking is an intriguing example to understand the potential of the platform.

Running advertisements on YouTube is not a new phenomenon. However, the beta version of YouTube Search Ads, where brands can advertise as per customers’ intent, is something that can help brands up their game. In the case of Angel Broking, the YouTube Search Ad campaign was aimed at driving brand impact and awareness on the platform. The agency, iProspect India, designed the campaign is such a way that it could help the brand capture valuable search intent on YouTube.

The campaign was run to target pan-India audiences who usually search online seeking solutions to general broking queries. Another target audience group was one that was trying to find more about Angel Broking. At the crux of the campaign was a simple idea: If a user were to search for a keyword such as ‘Angle Broking’ or ‘What is trading’, the brand’s video would appear as the top searches on YouTube.

According to Prabhakar Tiwari, CMO, Angel Broking, the brand is trying to enhance its digital engagement across the country, driving awareness around their brand and services. The YouTube Search Ad campaign was a step towards the same.

Selecting keywords

To run a YouTube Search Ad campaign, one of the key ingredients are the keywords chosen by the brand and the agency. iProspect feels a good mix of brand and core keywords work well for such campaigns.

For Angel Broking, the agency had taken a keyword base of around 3,000 keywords, most of them were core keywords.

They were chosen from search campaigns as well as from the keyword planner tool for each of the category Angel Broking offers. For a keyword like ‘what is day trading’, a video that explains ‘day trading’ was used to be displayed. For brand keywords, generic content was made for all the keywords that focussed on particular USPs of Angel Broking.

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Creating content

Content chosen to be displayed against a search query is the most important part of the process as this is where the heart of the campaign lies. It must be intriguing and useful enough for the user to click on for consumption. It should also be relevant to the query of the user and not merely an advertisement for the brand.

For Angel Broking’s campaign, a mixture of old and new content was used by iProspect while building the campaign. Specific videos were selected for specific categories. While choosing videos from the old content, it was ensured that the piece had a good amount of views on it.

The campaign was run for 19 days and thus, the concern of risking overexposure wasn’t an issue faced by the brand or the agency. They were able to show specific content to specific users, helping build the brand in the minds of the consumers.