Anil Kapoor Campaigns that make you go What A Playaaa!

Anil Kapoor campaigns

With the experience and brand value of a veteran and the energy and appeal of a tyro, Anil Kapoor remains a prominent player in the advertising league, featuring in a few widely discussed campaigns.

Anil Kapoor is one of the few celebrity endorsers that has been able to maintain their appeal with the changing tides of time, by featuring in some of the most recent and talked-about campaigns.

With a body of work spanning more than four decades, featuring in more than a hundred films, and series, with awards & nominations along with being internationally acclaimed, and depicting iconic characters, he still remains relevant, despite being most active in the 80s-2000s.

He is also one of the few endorsers who remain in the top considerations irrespective of the demographics being targeted.

With his PAN-India presence, and the ‘too cool for school’ vibe that is able to engage the younger generations, along with being admired by the older age groups, he has been versatile with the brands he partners with, and campaigns he features in.

Facets from his personal and professional life also come into play. His aspirational value is tapped banking on his successful professional career, and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has also played a part in a few of his campaigns to make a father-daughter narrative more believable.

Anil Kapoor is being frequently talked about these days for the ‘like it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it’ CRED campaign – Not Everyone Gets It. He is also heavily appearing in the Spotify campaign – Sunte Ja these days, and more series of adverts painting the visuals of Gupta Ji.

More campaigns featuring Anil Kapoor establish him as a sportive endorser.

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#MalabarPromise – Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Not Everyone Gets It – CRED

Battle Of Equals – Star Sports

Slow Breakfast

Mr. India – ICICI Bank

#FulfilAPromise – MasterCard

#CelebrateHERoes – HDFC Bank & MasterCard

The Power To Write Your Own Destiny – Mont Blanc

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