Brand Sentry bags brand building mandate for Orchids International

Social Samosa
Oct 16, 2020 13:08 IST
Orchids International

The digital and PR mandate bagged by Brand Sentry for Orchids International comprises of image consultancy, reputation building through social media marketing, public relations, and influencer marketing.

While Orchids International has had a presence in the B2B hygiene market, the increasing demands for hygiene products have caved their way into the B2C market too. Brand sentry plans to strengthen brand awareness by building and reinforcing the brand’s presence across digital and media verticals.

Brand Sentry and Orchids intend to drive the narrative of how people consume information around hygiene, its importance and make it easily available for masses at large.

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Kumail Vakil, Director, Orchid International said, “In this new partnership, we look forward to amplifying our brand’s image, vision, and the company’s offerings. We have identified the dire need for hygiene products in the country and are constantly innovating to accommodate all our consumer’s needs during the Covid and post Covid Era. We believe the leadership at Brand Sentry understands us as a brand and will help us in building our image as a prominent leader with the right communication strategy. We are looking forward to creating a long-lasting impact and changing the narrative of the hygiene industry with Brand Sentry as our partners.”

Vishakha Mota, Co-Founder, Brand Sentry added, “We designed Brand Sentry to drive purpose-led communication for brands that are trying to make a difference and create an impact and Orchid falls beautifully under this category. We are excited to bring Orchid’s innovation of hygiene through our vision and create a benchmark in the industry.”