When brands used desserts to hit the sweet spot

brand creatives desserts

Unveiling the platter of brand creatives that reflect the love for desserts consumers have the hots for and make their hearts melt.

The outpouring love for desserts is universal, and brand creatives from the F&B sector themed around the sweet love indirectly turn on the hair-trigger switch of going for some indulgence.

If a topic tapped resonates with most sets of the target audience, they usually end up with substantial engagement without a paid push. The love for desserts is one such topic and brand creatives also pour this love on topical trends often.

For instance, Baskin Robbins taping it for iPhone launch, Zomato India for the first picture of Black Hole being released, Amul for the #WhenYouAccidentallyType trend, and Mother Dairy Ice Creams for the release of the Breaking Bad movie – El Camino.

Additionally, brand communications that are not heavier on the promotional side, with no direct CTA or mention of buying a product or service tend to connect with consumers in a casual manner, and also help in becoming a part of the daily scrolling journey.

While a purchase or an order cannot be traced back to a creative, it sure does open the lid of the jar that always has the idea of going for a dessert.

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Baskin Robbins

iPhone Launch

Daily To-Do List


7 Rings

Best I Ever Had

Zomato India

Rose Day

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food won't dessert you ? #roseday

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Black Hole

Dineout India

Dessert Plaza

Children’s Day

Amul India

Ice-Cream Day


Mother Dairy Ice Creams


El Camino

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Tag those losers! #BreakingBad #ElCamino #Netflix

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