Cadabam's puts the spotlight on mental health through #ReadTheSigns

Social Samosa
Oct 07, 2020 03:55 IST
Vanilla Films

Conceptualized and produced in-house by Vanilla Films, the #ReadTheSigns campaign for Cadabam's Hospitals aims to encourage people to reach out to those suffering from depression.

The film showcases a series of real-life situations where people are shown attending to physical injuries of their dear ones whereas the real issue is shrugged off as just the ‘need to chill’. After all, one cannot see mental health issues. The campaign is released in partnership with The Logical Indian and Cadabams Group


The purpose behind this campaign is to prompt people to have real conversations, talk about how they feel, and encourage the ones around them to understand the signs. 

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Founders at Vanilla Films, Harshik Suraiya, Chintan Pandav, and Vinit Bhatt said, “We as an organization believe in this cause for various reasons. And this idea was born out of some personal experiences and the fire to bring it alive came from the correct situation in the country. We felt there was no better time to do something about it than right now. We are very glad to have partnered with the right sources like 'The Logical. Indian’ and ‘Cadabams group’ who are actually vocal about such issues and doing a lot around it. Logical Indian has helped us spread the word and connect with the masses and Cadabams is helping with consultations for those going through it.”

Given the times, unfortunately, most of us or the ones around us are dealing with a similar crisis at various levels. While very few acknowledge it and address the issue, most of them ignore it. This is an issue we as a society have failed to understand. We all claim to be aware of this issue but ‘Are we really?’.  

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