Case Study: How Doritos tapped 1K influencers to amplify #BlameItOnCrunch campaign

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Oct 29, 2020 04:30 IST
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Doritos campaign

With the help of influencers, banter with brands and a crunchy core thought, Doritos executed the #BlameItOnCrunch campaign in three days.

To establish their nachos as the crunchiest, Doritos came up with an influencer-led campaign called #BlameItOnCrunch. They engaged with a thousand influencers, who each shared their humorous take on Instagram, spinning a tale around the product. The campaign was conceptualised and executed by VMLY&R India.

Brand Introduction

Doritos is a 7-year-old brand in India that is known for its range of nachos. Their brand communication revolves around speaking to younger audiences with an attitude that fuels power to change the world for good with great, disruptive thoughts.

Problem Statement

Doritos wanted to establish itself as a brand that offers people the crunchiest nachos.


The brief was to use influencer marketing as a medium to establish Doritos as ‘Fuel for Disruption’. 


#BlameItOnTheCrunch campaign was an attempt by the brand to nudge people to capture small disruption moments around them with their pack of nachos and blame their version of crunch effect on Doritos.

Creative Idea

To leverage the powers of influencers and humour to reiterate the loud crunch effect of the product.


Doritos organically engaged with 1000+ influencers with a simple yet creative thought — blame every distortion moment around you on the crunch of Doritos. Brands like Fevikwik, Policy Bazaar & more engaged with them on a fun banter, inspiring comedians and artists such as Abish Mathew, Sukriti, Sumukhi Suresh, Supriya and more to join the rage.

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Thank you @DoritosIndia for saving me from my mother! Guys if you too have been breaking things, blame it on Doritos' crunch effect. Capture any distortion moment around you using your Doritos pack or using the '#BlameltOnCrunch' giphy sticker and tag @DoritosIndia. (Okay bye! Ijust broke another specs by mistake). #BlameltOnCrunch #Doritos __________________________________________________ Tags:-@iamahteshaam @doritosindia __________________________________________________ Hashtags:-Hashtag:-#iamahteshaam #blameitoncrunch #doritos #somumbai #plixxo #photography #picoftheday #things2doinmumbai #mumbaifoodie #foodbloggersmumbai #mumbaiinstagrammers #popxodaily #plixxoinfluencer #influencer #thingstodoinmumbai #mumbaiinfluencer #mumbai #instagram #tiktok #reels #instagramreels #burgerpizzanoodles #lastauggust #sadak31aug #hfak12 #huglifewithhappiness #wewomenbelieve #bubyeaug2k20

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• Thank you @doritosindia for saving me from my Mother.? It was @doritosindia #cruncheffect that cracked my wall, broke my laptop screen and my glasses! ⚡ (Swipe ⬅️ for more destruction) - I'm not using laptop or wearing glasses anymore. They shatter everytime i eat Doritos. ?? - Doritians, when u break things by mistake (or on purpose), don't stress and just #BlameItOnCrunch - If you too have been noticing such distortions around you, capture them with a Doritos pack or use the 'Blame it on Crunch' GIFs. Share them using #BlameItOnCrunch and don't forget to tag @doritosindia - #forthebold #doritos #nachos #doritosindia #thecruncheffect #crunch #crunchynachos #nacholover #doritosnachos #doritosheatwave #blameitonme #nachosandchill

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The campaign saw an engagement of 1.5 million with over 700 posts and 400 stories garnering cumulative impressions of 9.4 million

Commenting on the campaign, Dilen Gandhi, Senior Director and Category Head, Foods, PepsiCo India, said, “#BlameItOnCrunch is a simple idea that reflects the product proposition of Doritos in the brand’s own style and humour. The intense flavour and tooth-rattling crunch resonated seamlessly with the Doritians who shared their moments of disruption caused by the power of a Doritos crunch. Consumers appreciated the campaign as more than 95% influencers have posted organically, showcasing various creative renditions, and having fun while doing so.”

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