Case Study: How Nilon’s #AchaarWithVichaar campaign garnered ~49M in Reach across digital

Nilon's campaign

Created by M&C Saatchi February, Nilon’s #AchaarWithVichaar campaign helped the brand add a pinch of spice to their digital presence.

From modernising the company’s retail funnel by incorporating e-commerce to getting creators to be the face of the brand, Nilon’s was able to make the most of #AchaarWithVichaar campaign across touchpoints. They were able to communicate their stance and importance in the middle of the pandemic. Considering metrics, the campaign helped them generated 7.1M + impressions on search, display and YouTube ads with this campaign.

Category Introduction

The Indian food and beverage market is projected to display a robust growth represented by a CAGR of 7.2% during 2019-2024.

Given the natural supply advantage and a population of 1.3 billion people (that spend a high proportion of their disposable income on food), there is a potential to nurture mutually beneficial relationships with global food processing, food retail and related supply chain organizations who could realize significant business growth opportunities in India, through new technologies, innovations and other methods of value additions.

The latest food and beverage industry trends reflect the changing tastes and preferences of consumers as they engage new attitudes to ingredients, meal habits and more.

Brand Introduction

Nilon’s India Private Limited is a fast-growing processed food company with an extensive range of quality products. The brand Nilon’s has a friendly persona on social media where the communication represents their true belief,  communicated in their slogan ‘Nilon’s Hai Toh Achcha Hai’. 


Nilon’s #AchaarWithVichaar was a 47-day long campaign that was started with creating excitement on their social media handles by releasing the First Achaari Rap of India, a subsequent lip sync battle and finally, Nilon’s longest achaaaaaar chant. This was followed by a series of Achaari Episodes with some of the biggest content creators, culminating the campaign on an azaadi note on the occasion of Independence Day.


Some core objectives that we wanted to fulfil with #AchaarWithVichaar were to:

  • Bring Achaar back into the lives of millennials who crave for something special in this lockdown.
  • Create conversations around Achaar and Brand Nilon’s in the newly home-product friendly marketplace by contests, engagement activities and worthy gratifications.
  • Supplement intent-based searches around Nilon’s and its flagship product Achaar on Google.
  • Fulfil the purchase loop on the newly launched Amazon Brand Store for Nilon’s.


M&C Saatchi February was briefed to make Achaar a part of millennials’ life and create consideration for the condiment alongside the much-popular dips and spreads. It was also to heighten the perception of pickles, right from showing it as a healthy substitute to making it a go-to flavour enhancer, thus showcasing how it should actively be a part of every Indian meal.

Creative Idea

Masala lies in the pulse of India — we love it in our food, moods and conversations. While times may have changed our preferences in food, that hunt for tang & taste in our life has been constant. This was the insight that created Nilon’s #AchaarWithVichaar — it encouraged people to have masaledaar conversations amongst themselves and with their favourite content creators while keeping the humble achaar that we’ve grown up with, in the centre of it all. Tangy taste coupled with the many health benefits of the pickle such as boosting immunity, improving digestion, strengthening gut and many more, Nilon’s further believed that this is the perfect time for the brand to bring back the much-needed masala and magic in the lives of Indian youth.

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Several challenges faced by the brand before and during the campaign:

  • Curating a campaign that doesn’t involve active production schedules. The pandemic had brought the entire industries to a jolting stop and innovation was the need of the hour.
  • Finding social voices that the Nilon’s TG can relate to and believe in.
  • Making Nilon’s stand out with its relatable social persona in a market that was primed by #LocalForVocal and actively had players positioning themselves as the home-made, healthy propositions.
  • Keeping the audience continuously engaged, interested and aligned across the different activities and communication under the campaign.


The campaign was divided into three phases, where the brand started with creating conversations on the page, driving traffic towards Amazon and launching an Achaar based show.

The campaign was then spread across social media, which included Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Google ads were also part of the mix, where major traffic was redirected towards Amazon Brand Store that was launched by the brand as part of the campaign.

The page’s ranking and primary keywords like achaar, pickle, etc. were also optimized according to the campaign.


Organic shareability and massive traction in the comment section saw the brand campaign #AchaariWithVichaar eventually garnering ~49M in Reach via different digital touchpoints.

Starting with the Lip Sync Battle, the brand garnered 15.5M+ impressions, 3.3M+ video views and a little over 3M interactions in the form of reactions, comments and shares over Facebook and Instagram.

With the Longest Achaar Contest, the brand garnered 6.8M+ impressions, 2.1M+ video views and 1.7M interactions where people liked, commented and shared their content.

The Achaari episodes with content creators helped the brand garner 16.9M + impressions on Instagram and Facebook.

The brand generated 7.1M + impressions on search, display and YouTube ads.

With #AchaarWithVichaar, Nilon’s saw the addition of nearly 15,000 new members joining the brand clan.

The Rap Anthem Activity helped Nilon’s become a part of everyday lives, with 23 new faces now representing the brand a unique, humanizing experience curated by brand Nilon’s for its patrons.

“Nilon’s products are something that the youth of this country has grown up with and when they today see us talking to them in their language, lingo and laughter, we are certain that these millennials will make Nilon’s Achaar their companion once again. There’s so much that the humble pickle our dadis have made us love has to offer- right from health to taste. Through the campaign, we aimed to bring it all back in the life of the young adults, with a tangy twist that they all love,” said Rajheev Agrawal, Director & CEO, Nilon’s.