Case Study: How Weikfield leveraged the insight of changing cooking habits during the lockdown with Teacher’s Day campaign

Weikfield campaign

To celebrate Teachers’ Day 2020 while acknowledging the pandemic’s impact on cooking habits, Weikfield created a three-layered campaign, #KitchenKaTeacher.

With classrooms transforming into Zoom meetings, Teachers’ Day 2020 held a very different meaning than the ones before. Not just for students who would otherwise line up to attend the special assembly but also adults who were struggling to keep their peace of mind by indulging in therapeutic activities such as cooking. They all had someone to thank for, someone who existed on the other side of the screen. Leveraging these sentiments, Weikfield created a campaign called #KitchenKaTeacher that included a campaign film, an Instagram grid and an activity involving influencers.

Brand Introduction

An FMCG brand, Weikfield is popularly known for its Custard, Cornflour, Baking Ingredients and Pasta. It was started in the year 1956. Since then, Weikfield has been creating wholesome cooking and baking products, bringing the goodness of global cuisines to homes in India and abroad.


During the lockdown, the need and demand for online chefs saw a hike. With their #KitchenKaTeacher campaign, Weikfield set out to encourage people to wish their cooking tutors a Happy Teachers’ Day. The idea was to encourage them to appreciate the ones who are always around when one needs help in the kitchen.


To showcase chefs who make cooking easier whole also promoting products in the brand’s portfolio.

Creative Idea

The brand’s creative agency, AutumnGREY, created a video montage featuring popular chefs to connect with audiences in an authentic way. The campaign film thus created was used as an appreciation content asset that sent out Teachers’ Day wishes, nudging them to wish their favourite #KitchenKaTeacher, facilitating conversations around the topic.

As a part of the campaign, micro-influencers in the food category were roped in to extend the scope of the campaign. They posted about the Weikfield Hamper with #KitchenKaTeacher to further the message. Chefs chosen for the activity included those with significant social media presence, helping the campaign reach culinary enthusiasts.

On Instagram, the grid format was used to delight audiences with appetising pictures of well-made and garnished food items.

Campaign Execution

The campaign was executed on Facebook and Instagram and comprised of Native Uploads and an Influencer Leg to promote the message. Brand assets included a campaign film and a grid of posts on Instagram.

Campaign Film

Happy Teacher’s Day.

Every time you wished to learn a new recipe, your #KitchenKaTeacher was just a tap away! Smiling through the screen, ready with a new lesson and all set to guide you through every step. ??‍???‍?This Teacher's Day, let's celebrate those chefs who taught us the important life skill of cooking- for survival and for fun. Wish your #KitchenKaTeacher in the comments and send them love, swaad anusaar!❤️#HappyTeachersDay #TeachersDay2020 #HomeChefs #ChefsOfIndia

Posted by Weikfield on Thursday, 3 September 2020

Instagram Grid

Influencer Marketing

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The campaign overall garnered 4 Million+ views and engagement of over 2 lacs in two days. It gathered over 1000 comments of people tagging their favourite chefs who taught them recipes during their lockdown. Partnering with micro-influencers gave a boost to the campaign.

It received an engagement rate of 12% and a view rate of 16% for the campaign film. The campaign also had a PR leg where major publications posted about the initiative, the cumulative reach of such articles being around 1 lakh views.

“Being a food brand, celebrating the efforts of chefs who consistently put out recipe content to teach all the first-time chefs how to cook their favourite recipes during quarantine was a great campaign thought for us. The power of social media was aptly used to generate organic conversations between professional chefs and their audiences where Weikfield played a role of an enabler with this campaign,” said D S Sachdeva, CEO, Weikfield Foods Pvt. Ltd.