Google improves attribution for YouTube TrueView for action ads

YouTube ads

To improve the measurement of the impact of video ads on the consumer journey, Google is updating the assessment of YouTube’s ‘TrueView for Action’ ads and is relating video ad exposure with conversions.

The YouTube TrueView ads are ad solutions by Google that the advertiser needs to pay for only when a viewer watches the ad. To aid advertisers more accurately assess the impact of video ads, the company is adjusting the default attribution window for Youtube TrueView for action ads to 10 seconds with a 3-day default conversion window (from 30 seconds with a 30-day conversion window). 

The system will now count an ‘Engagement’ whenever a user clicks or watches 10 seconds or more of the TrueView for action ad using maximize conversions or target CPA bidding. 

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By default,  a ‘Conversion’ will be counted when a user takes action on an ad within 3 days of an ‘Engagement.’ Advertisers can ask their Google team to customize this time frame if an alternative is preferred.  

For users who click the ad, Google will still attribute conversions according to the conversion window set (the default is 30 days). No action is required from advertisers to update to this change.