Instagram launches consumer marketing campaign for Reels in India

Instagram campaign

In the month celebrating the 10th birthday of Instagram, the platform has launched the campaign -Do Your Thing, to promote its video product Reels.

The Instagram campaign will appear across mediums during IPL. For the unacquainted, Reels is Instagram’s new video surface that gives the option to create short-form, edited videos. India was one of the first countries where it was tested.

Through a series of 15-second ads, the campaign showcases the AR, music, and editing features. It is designed to give the audience a flavor of the kind of content, and the variety of interests they can explore, like dance, comedy, music, fashion, food, and more. 

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The Facebook family of apps have been launching consumer marketing campaigns in India with adverts such as Facebook’s ‘More Together’, continued with WhatsApp’s ‘It’s Between You’, and now with Instagram. 

Ajit Mohan, Managing Director and Vice President, Facebook India, adds, “Creators inspire us with how they push culture forward, creating trends that become mainstream. This is happening with Reels in India and for this reason, we’re betting big on it. Reels was born out of the idea that there’s a creator in each of us, and we’re excited to see the Indian community across genres, and big and small cities use it. This campaign, timed during IPL, which is a sporting and cultural moment, is meant to entertain, inspire, and invite everyone in India to come together and ‘Do Your Thing’.”

The creatives have been developed in partnership with Ogilvy. Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India, said, “Today, everyone is a creator. Instagram is a platform that encourages creative expression and has always given everyday people a voice. With Reels, Instagram is democratizing creativity, and we’re trying to communicate this with the new campaign. The creatives are short, fun, surprising, and very entertaining. They’ve been shot as Reels, and the storyline is inspired by the content from popular creators.”

The first set of ads went on air on October 18 during the IPL and will include 4 films. The campaign will have multiple creatives appearing on TV and digital. Content from IPL 2020 is also surfacing on Reels, from the teams, players, or fans, showing practice sessions and fun moments.

Agency Credits:

Hephzibah Pathak – Vice Chairperson & Chief Client Officer

Sukesh Nayak – Chief Creative Officer

VR Rajesh – Office Head, West & East

Karunasagar Sridharan – Sr. Creative Director

Apeksha Somaiya – Vice President – Planning

Abigail Dias – Vice President – Planning