LinkedIn adds new features to Events

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LinkedIn Events

The newly added features to LinkedIn Events include retargeting functionalities, organic discovery features, and more.

The updates to LinkedIn Events are designed to aid business Pages make the most of virtual gatherings, attempt to expand the scale of the event, and gather leads.


To stand out in the growing influx of online events, and get spotted by the right set of audiences, LinkedIn has launched a few orgaanic discovery features such as personalized event recommendations in the audience's 'My Network' tab and a new weekly Events digest email.

LinkedIn will also automatically notify a Page's followers when it posts an event, the ones LinknedIn thinks are most likely to attend based on their interests, and other criteria.

These features would be rolling out in the coming weeks. Recommendations & notifications are likely to increase the audience of an event, as the platform would be doing the targeting for the Page.

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LinkedIn has introduced free registration forms that can help businesses collect names, emails, and more of such information of the users who sign-up, to collect leads.

Businesses also have the option to download the list from the event page and send them a thank-you or follow-up email, or upload the list to CRM, or share it with the sales teams.

The platform says that registration forms are also a way to "gate" the event, to only allow enrolled participants.

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LinkedIn Events can now be promoted with Sponsored Content Single Image Ads, and tap the hard-to-reach audiences.

URL campaigns with the Event URL as the destination can also be analyzed against a new set of event-specific reporting metrics, like the total number of registrants, and views & clicks on the ad that led to an event registration.


Users who have RSVPed to any of the LinkedIn Events can be retargeted by creating a custom target audience in Campaign Manager based on them.

Event registrants are potential leads that should be nurtured, being interested in the brand or the content suggests they can be interacted with to offer one's business products and services. This tactic is most fruitful for B2B brands who hold seminars or events to educate their audiences about the use and need of their products.