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LinkedIn has added some basic messaging features to give users more control over their conversations and messages.

Along with the new video meeting function that shows a pop-up of options such as Teams, Zoom, or BlueJeans to start a video chat, LinkedIn has added some more features to improve messaging.

Edit & Delete

With the ability to edit the message, users can correct a mistake. If the message is no longer relevant, or you sent an attachment by mistake, you can also now delete it. 

How to use it: On mobile, press-and-hold, or double-tap on the message to open up a menu of options. On desktop, hover over the message until you see a pop-up with “...”. From there you’ll see the options to edit or delete.

React With An Emoji ? 

Give a “thumbs up” to something shared, or react to a Story you’ve seen from one of your connections.

How to use it: On mobile, press and hold or double-tap on any message to open up a menu of options. On desktop, hover on a message to get the same set of tools.

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Bulk-Manage Your Messages

Whether you like to keep a 0-message inbox or do some quick maintenance on older messages, LinkedIn has made it easier to select multiple conversations at a time to archive, delete or mark them read/unread all at once.

How to use it: On mobile, at the top right-hand corner of the app, tap “...” to access the menu where you’ll see an option to "manage conversations.” Alternatively, you can also press and hold on a message until you see checkboxes next to each message. Check the box next to each message you want to manage and select from one of the options: Mark unread, Delete, or Archive. On desktop, hover over a message to see the option to select multiple messages so you can take the same set of actions.

Report Inappropriate Messages

Help keep the LinkedIn community safe by reporting messages that are unprofessional, offensive, or harmful. In-line message warnings help you identify inappropriate, inflammatory, or harassing so you can report bad actors.  

How to use it: If you see an in-line warning that means the message was automatically flagged for an issue. You’ll have the option to view (and report), or dismiss and mark as safe. This will signal to us any unwanted messages from senders, and allow us to take appropriate action, including reminding senders of our policies.

Invite Others To Join A Conversation

Whether you’re making an introduction, sharing news with others, or looping an expert into a conversation -- whatever the reason, LinkedIn has made it easier to invite others to join into a conversation while giving you controls to keep your original conversation history private.

How it works: From your existing conversation, go to the top right-hand corner  “...”, and click “new group chat” and add others to join. This will create a new conversation and your original conversation history will remain private. 

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