mCaffeine leverages Vikrant Massey’s coffee connect for topical campaign

mCaffeine Vikrant Massey

Popularly known for the Nescafé cartoonist ad, Vikrant Massey was roped in by mCaffeine for their International Coffee Day spot.

About half-a-decade has passed since Vikrant Massey starred in the #ItAllStarts Nescafé cartoonist ad. In the narrative that played out on screen, he was laid off from the newspaper he was working in. Thanks to his dedication and regular mugs of hot coffee, he was able to chart out his way forward and be an independent cartoonist. Till today, it’s arguably one of his most well-known works. On the occasion of International Coffee Day, mCaffeine has released a topical spot, renewing and leveraging Vikrant Massey and his coffee connect.

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In the mCaffeine spot, Vikrant Massey can be seen hinting around the significance of coffee in his life, especially when he wakes up in the morning. The plot culminates in him using the coffee mask by the brand. The spot plays brew-tifully on the brand ethos of connecting the freshness of coffee and their range of coffee-themed personal care offerings.

Towards the end, Massey mentions how everyone knows his love for coffee, bringing back the memory of the old Nescafé ad spot. To be able to refresh an old narrative while sustaining its legacy value half-a-decade later, for a product that’s intriguingly related to the earlier brand/product, is indeed a good strategy, on the part of mCaffeine as a brand as well as Massey’s personal brand. Wouldn’t you agree?