How an abandoned soft toy became a source of content for Milwaukee Airport

Milwaukee Airport Violet

Since July 2020, Milwaukee Airport has been leveraging an abandoned soft toy to create engaging content and drive engagement on Twitter.

Aviation and airports are perhaps among the worst hit due to the impact of the pandemic. With a plethora of restrictions and guidelines to follow and uncertainty and fear in the air, it is a task for authorities to keep up the spirits in premises and on social media. It’s a fight against gloom and who wouldn’t want a soft toy to hug as a means of defence? Turns out, Milwaukee Airport has been leveraging this sentiment all through the last few months, with the help of an abandoned soft toy.

On July 10, 2020, they had tweeted to introduce a soft toy, which was waiting at the airport in the hope of being reunited with their family. In the meantime, adventures were promised.

Over the next few weeks, the monkey could be seen visiting the various parts of the airport and sharing their experiences, always talking in the first person via tweets. The places visited by the monkey include a book shop, a retail store and the children’s play area.

The monkey seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the trip across the airport, explaining how the space was safe and welcoming.

In almost what felt like phase two of the monkey’s trip, the narrative shifted to the implementation of safety guidelines and social distancing norms at the airport. While the monkey kept wondering about meeting their family again, they also seemed to be getting more comfortable with the world of the airport. Several partner brands and eateries on the premises were also promoted in tweets. Topicals were also addressed.

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And eventually, the monkey was given a name – Violet!

With the help of Violet, Milwaukee Airport was able to indulge in engaging storytelling. Violet played the role of a mascot for the airport, helping them explain how despite everything, an airport could still be a safe space to visit.