Electricity off, brand creatives on…

Mumbai power cut brand posts

As parts of Maharashtra were caught in a power outage, Mumbai power cut brand posts attempted to disperse the humidity woes with light humour.

October 12, 2020 – a date Mumbaikars (and Navi Mumbaikars, Thanekars and even Punekars) shall not forget soon. Why? A city wide power outage left the citizens and brands reeling in its wake. Such was the magnitude of the Mumbai power cut that, many parts of the city lost complete electricity for nearly 4 hours, with many areas still (as I write this article) awaiting that lone bulb to light and fan blades to rotate for some respite from the humidity. Obvious, we knew Mumbai power cut brand posts were soon to arrive.

While some found the situation amusing and some annoying, most found it funny enough to make jokes. The power outage in Mumbai was soon trending and expectedly enough, brand creatives started trickling in – a quick shoutout to Delhi & Bangalore branches.

Unlike the usual topical posts, Mumbai electricity brand posts have no common creative theme – it is mostly brands sharing their take on the situation with a comical effect. ixigo, for instance, has made a travel joke on the situation while McDonald’s India created a fries grid.

Scroll through this not so long list (probably because creative folks are still waiting for electricity) of Mumbai power cut brand posts.

Zee Cafe India

Burger King India

Durex India

Montex Pen

Society Tea



Sab TV


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