New HP India campaign highlights tech’s role in everyday life

HP India new campaign

To amplify its range of laptops, HP India has launched a campaign communicating the importance of well-designed products and how they can simplify one’s life.

2020 turned out to be a year of digital presence and evolution in our lives. Technology is now an integral part of our life, not just for millennials and GenZ but for the boomers as well. The latest HP India campaign touches upon five key aspects of computing and communication in 2020 through a series of five films.

They are trying to highlight the key product USPs of their laptops range.

As stressful as the year has been, HP has attempted to communicate the quirkier side to everyday struggles in the new campaign, whether it is surviving choppy connectivity to hiding yourself during video calls to sneak in little adventures.

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The films concentrate on key laptop features such as extended battery life and a key that can help users better control their webcam shutter. In one of the videos, the skills one learns while playing games online have been highlighted, positioning HP laptops as a good choice in the genre. Speed issues with shared WiFi have also been addressed.

All the films in the campaign depict life under lockdown.