Twitter launches a new Tweet Composer for advertisers

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Tweet composer

The new Tweet composer for advertisers integrates real-time previews, a duplication tool for campaigns featuring more number of Tweets, and more.

Intuitive design streamlining multiple aspects of Tweet with a copy and media is also an improvement of the new Tweet Composer.

Advertisers would not need to upload and create modular aspects within multiple channels of Ads Manager. Enter the copy, and upload the media, ad fill the Tweet with either website or app functionality in an intuitive form.

Real-time previews would show what the rendered Tweets would look like on both Mobile and Desktop, before publishing or scheduling a Tweet.

The duplication tool would advertisers in creating multiple copies of a Tweet easily. They also have the option to edit or update it.

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How To Navigate Through the Tweet Composer?

  • Add Tweet copy, and choose if you want to add media (photo or video) to your Tweet
Tweet composer
  • Upload Photo, Video, or GIF, or select an existing one from the Media Studio
Tweet composer
  • Select the format in which you’d like your media to be displayed. You can choose the card type to be website or app, if you wish to redirect them there or drive app installs, or want them to interact with your platform
Tweet composer
  • Enter the data in the required fields based on the functionality you choose. For Website functionality, you need to add a Card name (only visible to you), a headline, and a website URL. For App functionality, you need to add a Card name (only visible to you), choose a call-to-action (choose from "Install", "Play", "Shop", "Book", "Connect", "Order", or "Open"), primary app store (choose from the list of locations), and platform (iPhone, iPad, and/or Android)
Tweet composer
  • Publish the Tweet, save it as a Draft, Schedule it, and/or Create a duplicate
Tweet composer

Screenshot Source (Featured Image): Matt Navarra