Snapchat rolls out a new feature called Sounds

Snapchat Universal Musict

Users can now say it with Sounds on Snapchat. The feature lets users add music from the available catalog to their Snaps.

Sounds on Snapchat is presently available on iOS and will be globally rolled out in the coming months. Users can add Sounds by tapping the music notes icon on the right side of the camera screen, and choosing a track from the list, or select a track from the Sounds tool after taking the Snap.

Snap has locked in deals with multi-year agreements with major and independent publishers and labels, including Warner Music Group, Merlin (including their independent label members), NMPA, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Kobalt, and BMG Music Publishing, for licensed music used in the feature.

Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco’s new song “Lonely” will be a featured exclusive in Snapchat’s Featured Sounds list 

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Users can also listen to the full song on a streaming platform such as Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud, by clicking on the ‘Play This Song’ link, an option users would see along with the album art, song title, and name of the artist, when they swipe-up on a Snap received with Sounds.

Snap is also testing the option for users to create their own sounds and add to Snaps. It is unclear whether these sounds would include songs that users upload that are not available in Snap’s library, or there would be an issue of copyrights in such cases.

The feature’s rollout in India might take a while as either the platform would also need rights of music for this region to build a library, or sign deals with Indian music labels. There is currently no information on the subject of any such deals being already underway.


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