Sporto Flexiwear campaign brings forth the positives of lockdown

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The #MenBeFlexi campaign by Sporto Flexiwear puts a spotlight on men as they navigate household chores adapting with the changing times due to the ongoing pandemic. It has been conceptualised by Garage Worldwide and directed by Raj Kamble.

COVID-19 has brought forth unprecedented situations for people across the spectrum. Some of these experiences affected household dynamics in a significant way. As men, who are more socially accustomed to spending a large part of their day outdoors, are forced to stay in, they are finding themselves charting unfamiliar territories with household chores. The new #MenBeFlexi campaign by Sporto Flexiwear, from the J.G. Hosiery Group, focusses on this phenomenon in a nuanced fashion. 

With #MenBeFlexi, the brand aims to communicate how, during the lockdown, men have started to become more responsible by taking on household chores. The four-film campaign shows men in various situations such as cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and ironically compares them to moments in history like the discovery of gravity and the invention of the light bulb. 

Explaining the intention behind the films, Navinn Seksaria, Jt. MD, J G Hosiery, said, "More men have become flexible and supportive during this pandemic, and at Sporto we wanted to celebrate this kind of flexibility with a dose of self-deprecating humour. After all, the best of brands put a smile to our faces, don’t they?”

Says Ninad Umargekar, Sporto’s strategy leader, "The mind moves first, the body follows. Sporto makes flexible clothes, but our vision is to facilitate a world where humans behave flexibly for the collective benefit of society. Flexiwear, the product is merely a medium to carry the attitude of flexibility. That the clothes are flexible, helps greatly.”  

Two of the four videos have been narrated by women helping bring a diverse perspective to the cultural change being portrayed. With wit and humour, the campaign communicates the big change happening in society.

Helping #MenBeFlexi in this new normal in the new range of flexible and comfortable clothing by Sporto Flexiwear.

The campaign is being released on digital and OTT platforms. 

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