#Superwomen2020 I am happy to see how empowered women empower other women: Aditi Ohri

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One of the winners of Social Samosa Superwomen 2020, Aditi Ohri shares how grassroot level changes can make life better for not just A & M industry but all working women.

For Aditi Ohri, Director- Ops & Strategy, Emporiom Marketing all ladies are like superwomen in their varied ways. But it has not been easy for women to scale heights.

With an experience of more than a decade, Ohri shares her journey so far & the superwomen who inspire her.

How would you define a 'Superwoman' in today's day and age? 

She is dynamic. She is ambitious. She is unapologetic. Most importantly, she dislikes comparisons. And does her things like she truly owns the world. 

All ladies are superwomen in their own ways. It is just that a few are able to work on their inner powers to make and create decisions that truly make them satisfied and happy. They configure self-development and psychological frameworks that help them evolve and take control of situations around them. 

One quality that you think every superwoman has and that helped you win Social Samosa Superwomen... 

The ability to pursue your dreams while building a balance with everything else. As superwomen, we have great ambitions. They demand focus, time, energy, and an immense amount of dedicated effort.

But does that mean we don’t make time for our loved ones or look into our personal interests? It’s a difficult balance but we choose to make it. And that’s what makes us unique. We’re great multi-taskers and understand the value of flexibility. 

This is what seems to have worked the most for me, as well. 

How successful have women been in shattering the glass ceiling in the Media & Advertising field? Does the 'boardroom inequality' phrase still stand true? 

When has it been a cakewalk for women in general? I remember this news show when Sania Mirza was asked by a renowned journalist about her plans to settle and become the 'Ideal Indian Woman' with kids and a home. I am sure, we remember how fiercely Sania gave this journalist a befitting reply but we, as women, are all appalled at the mindset problem of our men and families. 

In our field of Media and Advertising, I see a lot of empowered women empowering people (not gender-specific) to credit meritocracy. From Babita Baruah, Sudha Natarajan to Kainaz Karmakar we have been fortunate to have women in this field to inspire young girls. 

I am happy to see how empowered women empower other women and this is true in our industry where Social media is shaping everyone’s thoughts and decisions.

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What are the key changes this industry needs in order to make workplaces gender-neutral, safe, and nurturing? 

The changes we speak today for women are not just for our industry but working women, in general, need such changes across different industries. To start with a few, this is what we need to surely have - 

  • Clear hiring guidelines to make gender equality a key mandate 
  • Equal board representation 
  • Compulsory self-defense training for women in SMEs 
  • Gender sensitization sessions for male employees 

The portrayal of women in the media has also had a direct impact on how society deals with feminism or gender equality. I think it is high time that we as an industry take the charge of being able to lead this drive and initiate changes not just across our workplaces but also for clients or partners we collaborate with. So, with this soft power, we can bring around this radical change to make sure that not just our workplaces but the world around us are gender-neutral, safe, and nurturing for women. 

One Superpower you wish you had? 

One superpower I wish I had would be to empower people to make and take quick decisions. 

The 'Superwomen' you diligently follow and who inspired you... 

Indra Nooyi and her spirit of “making things happen”. 

One tip to women out there attempting to scale heights... 

Stop thinking small and never stop climbing. 

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