Decoding: Tinder India's 280-character Twitter strategy

Tinder India leverages witty one-liners and topical commentary to drive engagement on Twitter, we take a close look at their strategy.

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Tinder India Twitter Strategy

Tinder India leverages witty one-liners and topical commentary to drive engagement on Twitter, we take a close look at their strategy.

In the last few weeks, much of Tinder India's marketing narrative and strategy on Twitter has been dominated by Swipe Night, an in-app live event. They have been driving conversations around the feature, prompting people to give it a try. This includes leveraging and amplifying organic conversations as well as sharing original content. These are some of the quirks that are common across the Twitter strategy of Tinder India as they communicate with their 14.8K followers.

Decoding audiences

Males (64.8%) form a majority of Tinder India's audiences on Twitter, followed by females (35.2%). The age group their communication caters to falls predominantly in the 25-34 bracket (53%), followed by 18-24 (40.7%) and 35-44 (5.6%).


According to the data recorded by Talkwalker, Tinder India tends to get the most traction in the form of replies, followed by retweets and mentions.

Tinder India audience engagement

The brand had seen a peak in engagement around the time when they had put up a tweet asking people to share pictures of them with their dog, in exchange for a new Tinder bio. They had then quote tweeted the pictures with the promised bios.

Content Strategy

Recently, with the announcement of the new feature, #SwipeNight was a significantly used keyword in Tinder's communication on Twitter. Other important keywords include #Tinder #QueerSwipeStories and #LoveIsLove.


When it comes to the type of content, about 78.2% of their tweets are text and 17.8% tweets are accompanied by a picture. This also reflects in their engagement rates where textual content can be seen to be working best.


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Topical Commentary

Tinder India often posts witty one-liners to participate in relevant trending conversations. They use the brand's account much like what a regular user of the platform would while voicing thoughts and echoing quirks.

The comment is always in sync with their brand ethos around dating, love, affection and relationships, as could be seen in recent tweets about Rahul Tewatia, Baba ka Dhabha, IPL matches, Twitter's Fleet, and the year 2020.

Amplifying Content

There are two broad categories of sentiments that Tinder India amplifies as content on Twitter. These include sentiments around dating and conversations that directly mention the brand.

Mostly, they retweet without adding their thoughts. Sometimes, they quote tweet to make things more interesting.

Either way, the content chosen to drive engagement is based on the overall communication stance of Tinder India. Recent common themes include the struggles of a person looking for love and relationships in the times of the pandemic.

Product Values

While the communication put forth by Tinder India is tailored as per the popular cultural nuances here, the brand often shares global communication from other international markets.

Their product offerings and services are at the heart of all the communication that goes up on the micro-blogging platform.

Banter with Brands

On many occasions, Tinder India indulges in conversations with other brands. Such banters are in sync with their brand persona and are liked by users. Often, different facets of relationships and dating (virtual or otherwise) are explored in such conversations.

Tinder India on Twitter often acts like a person trying to voice out their opinions and thoughts as soon as they appear in their head. On very few occasions do they act as a brand or indulge in corporate communication.

In an indirect way, it works much better for them than putting up creatives to talk about their products and offerings. They are able to garner a much higher engagement this way as the communication style fits the needs of the platform and their audience demographic. And efficiently so!

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