Twitter shares an update on limiting abusive behavior

Twitter abusive

Following the backlash Twitter faced for having double standards on policing Tweets that wish harm on others, the platform shares more information on the subject.

The matter of limiting abusive behavior on Twitter only in select cases sparked when the platform started taking down Tweets wishing death upon Donald Trump, who recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Twitter was called out for having applied the same rule for abusive behavior in different ways to different people or groups, or rather applying it for a user, and not for other(s).

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Twitter accepted that they need to do better on enforcing policies, and shared more information on their work in progress.

The platform has highlighted steps to address Tweets that violate policies on abuse without people having to report it, they claim more than 50% being caught through automated systems.

Policies have been expanded based on public feedback and they’re giving people more control over their experience, including deciding who can reply to Tweets. They also clarify again, Twitter being abused to instill fear, to silence your voice, or to undermine individual safety, is unacceptable.

The open and direct feedback will be responded to with further action, shares Twitter.