#BeSleepHygienic: UrbanBed attempts to cultivate good sleeping habits

UrbanBed #BeSleepHygienic campaign

UrbanBed’s recent campaign, #BeSleepHygienic, is all about creating quality sleep habits that can help de-stress & rejuvenate.

Mounting stress, pandemic induced anxiety, and change in schedule with most citizens being restricted to the walls of their homes, have led to disrupting sleeping patterns. Changes that not only impact a person’s night sleep, but also their mental and physical wellbeing. UrbanBed, a mattress & sleep products brand, is attempting to break this cycle of bad sleeping habits with #BeSleepHygienic. 

#BeSleepHygienic is aimed at replacing disruptive sleep habits with healthy sleep practices through a strategic digital campaign. The campaign emphasizes on the importance of sleep habits through the concept of sleep hygiene and how it impacts day to day life. Sleep hygiene implies replacing poor sleeping habits with good ones like not immediately eating before bedtime and replacing an uncomfortable mattress with a quality one. 

As a part of the campaign, UrbanBed has been sharing #SleepFacts which highlight the unhealthy sleep habits that impact the core of a person’s health. For instance, most teenagers nap in the afternoon, not having slept well through the previous night. The brand through the campaign has been explaining sleep deprivation leads to increased difficulty in concentrating, learning, and communicating.

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The brand roped in influencers to spread awareness around #BeSleepHygienic. These influencers share their personal experiences, emphasizing how a good night’s sleep can be the wellness solution to many problems faced by humans. Furthermore, the brand has come up with unique and new ways to engage its audience in spreading awareness around the same like Instagram Live sessions with Wellness Influencers, contests and more.

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#BeSleepHygienic manages to convey an important message around one of the most serious yet least spoken about issues – sleep disruption. UrbanBed deals with a series of problems, ranging right from back ache to anxiety, all of which can be solved with a good night’s sleep, while promoting its product.