Wakefit.co launches new campaign ft. Kumbhkaran

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Wakefit.co campaign

Leveraging Kumbhkaran's association with the ability to sleep soundly, Wakefit.co campaign introduces him as The Sleep Enthusiast.

Sleep and home-solutions start-up Wakefit.co has come up with a new campaign to assert their expertise in helping people get a good night's sleep. They have built a narrative around Kumbhkaran, a mythological creature who could sleep for six months at a stretch. Wakefit.co introduces him as The Sleep Enthusiast in the campaign.

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Talking about the campaign, the brand states, "The mythological character from Ramayana, known for his affinity to sleep, Kumbhkaran laments about the poor quality of mattress - making it difficult for him to sleep. He has to cut-short his sleep to three months as opposed to six months due to the bad quality of the mattress."

"To his delight, he finds out about Wakefit.co and the orthopaedic memory foam mattress on its platform. He finally gets the mattress home delivered from Wakefit.co and goes back to a peaceful sleep - this time to his full sleep cycle of six months," they further explain.

Conceptualized by Wakefit.co's in-house team and Spring Marketing Capital, the Meet Kumbhkaran campaign showcases Wakefit.co's effort to create awareness on sleep while keeping the content engaging and humorous.

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